Trail mix made with Cheerios, Chex, Kix, raisins and chocolate candies in a bowl.

Cheerios Heart-Healthy Trail Mix

Kids craving crunch? Satisfy their sweet tooth with a good-for-you cereal treat to munch!

  • Prep Time
    10 Minutes
  • Total Time
    10 Minutes
  • Servings


  • 2 cups Cheerios cereal
  • 2 cups Chex™ cereal (any variety)
  • 2 cups Kix® cereal
  • 1 cup raisins
  • 1 cup candy-coated chocolate candies, if desired
  • 1 cup soy nuts, if desired


  1. Step 1In large bowl or resealable gallon-size food-storage plastic bag, mix all ingredients. (If serving to children under 4 years old, omit raisins and soy nuts.)
  2. Step 2Store tightly covered.


  • Take this mix hiking, biking and anytime you're on the go. Use reusable rigid plastic containers to stash in a backpack to avoid crushing.

Nutrition Information

Calories: 80, Potassium: 115 mg, Sodium: 95 mg, Total Carbohydrate: 18 g, Dietary Fiber: 1 g, Total Fat: 1/2 g, Protein: 1 g, Sugars: 7 g