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Good Goes Around

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100% Whole Grain Oats

Fed by the sun and grown into the earth, the oats in our cereal are jam-packed with positive energy.

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The word honey written in honey on a wooden table

Real Honey

Every box of Honey Nut Cheerios is made with a unique blend of golden, sweet honey.

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We remove all the wheat, rye, and barley grains from the Cheerios’ oat supply so everyone can enjoy our tasty little Os.

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Honey bee sitting on an apple blossom

Bees & Trees

Cheerios and Nature Valley are celebrating Earth Day this year by partnering together to do good by supporting initiatives that help bees and trees.

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A person holding oats cupped in her hands

Farm to Bowl

Our partnership with farmers matters to get the best oats.

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A heart-shaped bowl of Cheerios

Heart Healthy

Made with the best oats possible, Cheerios feed your heart with goodness.

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