Various unique honeys used by Cheerios

Our Honey

Illustration of a piece of honeycomb

We owe a lot to the bees that make our honey.

That’s why we wanted to find a way to celebrate their hard work—and show people just how much they matter. Watch our documentary to see how we found a whole new way to put bees in the spotlight they deserve.

30 Days

It took 30 days to build the installation in St. Cloud, Florida.

1 Beekeeper

Brent Dickson, the resident beekeeper, took care of all the bees during the duration of this project.

700k Bees

There are 10 hives total, each hive averaging 10,000-70,000 bees per hive. That’s a lot of bees!

A jar of honey spilled on a table

Our passion for honey starts at the source

Honey is more than just an ingredient – it’s the flavor at the heart of Honey Nut Cheerios. And that’s why we work hard to source every drop of our honey from dedicated beekeepers who love honey as much as we do.

Illustration of a honeybee

Our handpicked beekeepers care about the future of their bees

Most of the beekeepers who make our honey run family businesses that depend on their bees to make a living – and that’s a lot of responsibility. With an average of about 2,600 hives, our beekeepers may have as many as 156 million bees to look after.

A honeybee on a sunflower

Bees have to visit 2.6 million flowers to make a pound of honey

Honeybees emerging from a hive

A beehive can produce up to 200 pounds of honey a year

A honeybee on a honeycomb

A honeybee could fly around the world on just two tablespoons of honey

illustration of a beehive

The flavor of honey depends on the flower it comes from

When bees visit different flowers, the honey they produce is different, too – it can range in flavor from bold to sweet and in color from dark to light. That means beekeepers and farmers both benefit when they work together to give bees access to different crops they can help pollinate – and that make their honey taste great.

Eucalyptus honey, Lavender honey, Wildflower honey, Buckwheat honey, Orange honey, Clover honey, Dandelion honey, Avocado honey

Honey wand illustration

Our unique honey blend–a sweet balance of flavors

We use a wide variety of honey, from lots of different flowers, to create the perfect blend of flavors – and it’s this unique honey, golden and sweet, that gives Honey Nut Cheerios the taste you love.

A honey pot and a bowl of Cheerios