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Lovingly Made from Farm to Bowl

We believe in making breakfast good. Good for your body. Good for your heart. Good for our planet.

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All Oats Are Not Created Equal

In sourcing our oats, we seek out oat varieties that can better withstand heat and drought and are higher in beta glucan.

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It Starts with Healthy Soil

We believe the most promising farming solutions start with healthy soil, so we are piloting a grower partnership approach to equip farmers in our top oat sourcing region with the resources they need to implement regenerative agriculture. General Mills has committed to making regenerative agriculture advances on 1 million acres by 2030.

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What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture is a holistic, principles-based approach to farming and ranching that seeks to strengthen ecosystems and communities. It can pull carbon from the air and store it underground to fuel life. It protects soil from erosion under an armor of plants and suppresses pests so farmers don’t need as many pesticides.

Our Mission