cheerios on a table

Oats for All

See how we made Cheerios gluten free.

a field of oats

It all starts with oats.

Cheerios have always been made of oats, which are naturally gluten free.

a bowl of cheerios with strawberries

Did you know?

To make gluten‑free Cheerios, our sifter has to sort 3.5 million pounds of oats every day.

Then, the oats are milled into flour.

The oats go to a mill that’s dedicated to making gluten‑free flour. Once the oats are milled, the flour is checked to make sure it’s still gluten‑free.

The oat flour gets shipped to the plant.

The flour travels in our dedicated gluten‑free trucks and rail cars on its way to becoming Cheerios.

boxes of gluten free cheerios

The Cheerios you’ve always loved. Now gluten‑free.