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Oats Matter

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Cheerios are made with oats as the first ingredient

Oats are rich in nutrients, like fiber and protein. Cheerios brings the benefits of oats in crunchy little Os, in a variety of flavors you will love.

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We are growing a sustainable crop

Oats are a highly sustainable crop that require no irrigation and are grown between seasons of other grains. Oats are not only sustainable for farmers, but for our buildings as well. The leftover hulls from oats are burned to provide energy to one of our mills.

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The Cheerios Story

Oats are the heroes of Cheerios, and they’ve had some amazing adventures on their way from the field to your bowl. Get to know our oats in a whole new way when you check out the fun they had on their journey.

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From Oats to Os: The Making of Cheerios

We chose oats to make Cheerios because they're packed with nutrients. From growing to milling to toasting, find out how we get the goodness of oats from the field to your bowl.