Yoga Benefits A Healthy Lifestyle

Decreasing blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol levels and stress hormones are just some of the ways yoga may make a difference in our overall health and well-being. Learn more about the benefits of yoga from Yoga Instructor Nikki Peters.


Nikki Peters, Yoga Instructor and Yoga Business Entrepreneur, talks about the benefits of yoga. Running five yoga businesses, I know the challenge of managing stress while working. I find myself needing to practice what I preach daily to attain balance & a healthy lifestyle.

According to the International Journal of Cardiology, yoga may reduce 12 risk factors for cardiovascular disease, including blood pressure, heart rate, lipid levels, abdominal obesity and inflammatory markers.1

Even though research is still being done on the relationship between this time-tested discipline and its affect on the heart, it’s no stretch that yoga may make a difference in our overall health and well-being.5

Lets take a look at how yoga may benefit a healthy lifestyle: 4&5

  • Decrease high blood pressure
  • Decrease heart rate
  • Decrease cholesterol levels
  • Decrease stress hormones
  • Lower inflammation levels in the body
  • Increased awareness and feelings of well-being
  • Improved breathing
  • Ability to access the relaxation response
  • Feelings of connection and empowerment in your life

On this site you have the opportunity to try an introductory level 30-minute yoga practice, click here to get started.

Try practicing at least 3 times weekly and work up to a daily practice. This may be the key to creating a new way of being in our mind & body, one in which we can possibly live with more ease, happiness and health.

Always consult with your health care provider before beginning any exercise program.


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