When is my child ready for Cheerios®?

Foods that are easy to grasp, easy to swallow, and don’t fall apart too easily. In short: original yellow-box Cheerios®!

Finger food for your toddler

As new parents will tell you, little children start trying out their “pincer grasp” around 9 to 12 months, using two fingers to pick food up and bring it to their mouths. Recommended foods at this stage include noodles, dry cereal and diced canned peaches. These foods are good for their diets and also help them master their feeding skills. Foods that are choking hazards at this stage include whole grapes, nuts and hot dogs.

Cheerios® milestones

It’s been a privilege to share first milestones with generations of new parents, who have invited our original Cheerios to introduce their children to finger foods. The original Cheerios® cereal is:

●     Made with whole grain oats

●     Made with important nutrients for growth and development

●     Firm enough not to crumble

●     Easy to grasp

●     1 gram of sugar per serving

We’re especially proud of the fact that 4 of 5 pediatricians recommend Cheerios as a finger food.

When is my child ready for original Cheerios?

Your pediatrician can tell you for sure, but kids age 9 months and older typically are ready for foods like original Cheerios that are easy to grasp, not too crumbly and easy to swallow. Is my child ready for original Cheerios®?

Original Cheerios® and children

Here are two signs that can help tell you if your 9- to 12-month-old is ready for original Cheerios® cereal and other solid foods:

  1. She has mastered the art of chewing (it doesn’t matter how many teeth she actually has)
  2. She can use the "pincer grasp” and can pick up small objects
  3. She can sit up without support.

You can ask the pediatrician to be sure, but most likely, children showing these signs are ready for original Cheerios cereal and other finger foods. Generations of moms and dads have discovered original Cheerios cereal makes a great finger food; pediatricians’ expert opinions back up that parental wisdom.

As generations of parents have discovered on their own, the size, shape and texture of original Cheerios® cereal make it a great finger food for toddlers. At all ages, the vitamins, minerals and whole grain oats in original Cheerios can make it an important and fun part of a healthy breakfast.

Original Cheerios is a healthy way to start the day, a tasty anytime snack, and a fun addition to kids’ recipes.

Parents can feel good about serving original Cheerios to their little ones. Cheerios are made from 100 percent whole grain oats and have no artificial colors or flavors. Even pediatricians agree that Cheerios makes a great first finger food; 4 out of 5 pediatricians with children serve original Cheerios to their own toddlers. Cheerios also provides at least 2/3 of toddlers’ daily whole grain recommendation* and has one gram of sugar per serving.

See why generations of moms and dads have counted on Cheerios for a lifetime of wholesome goodness.

●     Easy to grab and swallow

●     Dissolves easily in the mouth

●     100 percent whole grain oats

●     2/3 of toddlers’ daily whole grain recommendation

●     1 gram of sugar

●     11 vitamins and minerals

●     4 out of 5 pediatricians with children serve Cheerios to their own toddlers

* Original Cheerios cereal has 16 grams of whole grain per serving for toddlers (children under four years of age). At least 24 grams are recommended for toddlers daily.