How is Cheerios® cereal made?

Three steps, one cereal, countless benefits

Original Cheerios® are made with whole grain oats. Cheerios® is more than a recipe or a list of ingredients, however. Sustainability, flavor, and a lot of fun are built into every whole grain O.

The Process

  1. Grains, water, and other ingredients are mixed and cooked.
  2. They are then formed into the familiar “O” shape.
  3. Finally, the newly formed “O”s are puffed and toasted into the cereal you recognize right out of the box.


The oats in Cheerios® cereal, which give it much of its familiar flavor and crunch, are selected for their quality and nutritional benefits. Our oats aren’t just good for people, though. They’re good for the planet. The oats in Cheerios use low levels of fertilizer and grow on natural rainwater. Less synthetic fertilizer and irrigation lead to less environmental impact.

The Circle of Goodness

[NOTE: include infographic of Circle of Goodness – image forthcoming]

Is that why Cheerios® is so good?

Kids love them, and so do adults. But there’s no secret to why Cheerios® taste so good. The classic flavor of Cheerios® is all in the oats.

The original Cheerios® cereal is made with whole grain oats, no artificial colors or flavors, and 1 gram of sugar per serving. It has at least 10 percent of the daily value of 12 vitamins and minerals for kids ages 4 and older, and 10 percent of 10 vitamins and minerals for kids under 4.* But how good is it, really? Outside opinions include 4 out of 5 pediatricians who recommend original Cheerios® as a first finger food. Also, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines emphasize the importance of whole grain.

Parents have also discovered a practical purpose for the “O” and the texture of Cheerios. Graspable and not too crumbly, the “O”s make it easier for kids to get all of that good nutrition.

*This is because the serving size varies; for children under four it’s ¾ cup, and 1 cup for kids 4 and older.

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