Circle of Goodness

Circle of Goodness

1. A Sustainable Crop. Oats are a sustainable crop that require less fertilizer, pesticides, and irrigation to thrive.

2. Efficient Cereal Processing. Cheerios manufacturing facilities have reduced energy consumption by 12 percent, solid waste generation by 20 percent, and water usage by 31 percent since 2006.

3. Renewable Energy Source. Our Fridley, Minn. oat milling plant is equipped with a biomass burner that supplies up to 100 percent of the energy needed to run the plant from discarded oat hulls.

4. Recycled Packaging for Decades. Cheerios cereal boxes are made from 100 percent recycled paper and have been since the 1930s!

5. A Healthy, Nutritious Breakfast. Each serving of Cheerios contains healthy whole grain, cholesterol-reducing fiber, and only 1 gram of sugar.

6. Nourishing Communities. Cheerios supports community programs that promote reading and education.