Cheerios® Holiday Crafts

Cheerios® Holiday Crafts

Easy-to-make, shelf-size trees made from a Cheerios box, yarn and Cheerios!

1.  Lay out all your supplies on a clean work surface.

2.  Cut apart your Cheerios box and cone template. (We found our cone template through a simple Google search. To make your template larger or smaller, use a photocopier to change the size.)


3. Trace your cone templates onto non-printed side of the Cheerios box.

4. Cut out cones with a utility knife.

5.  Crease and roll each cone into a tree. Reshape as you go to get the tree shape you like.

6. Fold the template flap edge toward the printed side on the box.

7.  Apply hot glue onto flap and seal as shown.

8.  Apply fabric or PVA glue with a brush.

9.  To start wrapping your yarn around the tree, use one hand to pinch the loose end of the yarn against the base of the cone.  Use the other hand to wrap your yarn around the tree, starting at the narrow point of the cone and working your way down to the base.

10.  When you finish wrapping, leave a little extra yarn at the end, then spread glue inside the tree with the brush and stick the end of the string inside as shown.

11.  Apply a small bead of glue to the top of the tree.

12.  Place a Cheerio on top!


13.  Display your completed trees for all to see!