Cheerio Themed 1st Birthday

When it comes to first birthdays, our friend, Courtney Sanchez, has become a PRO!


I have 3 boys and that means THREE 1st birthday parties. So...I wanted to share 5 things I've learned to make your little one's first birthday the best day ever. 

PLUS, a few simple tips that have worked for my parties. Oh, did I mention that I made a party checklist too? It will make planning  a 1st birthday party much easier.

Alright, now that I’ve given you a little bit of my background and what to expect...onto the list!

1.  Smash Cake

The Smash Cake is everyone's favorite part of the party (especially baby's). A small circular cake is a PERFECT size/shape for smashing.


I try to keep it simple with white icing and a decorative touch to the top. Your birthday boy or girl will love getting messy with their cake. NOT TO MENTION, they always look super cute covered in cake.

Great photo opp!

Tip: I love having cupcakes or cake pops for the guest. They are always a hit with other kids at the parties.

2.  Party Favors

ALL KIDS love taking home a party favor, and there's so many creative ways to make them. But at this age, I would keep them simple.


Little treats are the best way to go and they’re age appropriate.

Tip: Finger foods are great for serving . Cheerios, Fish and Animal Crackers, Veggie Straws or Applesauce Pouches are all great snack ideas for the kids.

3. Birthday Pictures

This is a big day not only for your little one, but for you as well! Make sure you capture every special moment on camera or video.


If you don't plan on taking pictures or video yourself, have a friend or family member be in charge. BUT make sure they know to shoot with your camera.

You want to get the best pictures possible to remember baby’s special day!

Tip: Make sure batteries are charged in the camera and memory card is empty. This can easily be forgotten, so check everything the night before. Also, keep your smartphone on you, if possible. While it’s great to capture on your fancy camera, smartphones are a great way to get unplanned candids as well.

4. Party Memory Keepsake

With all my parties, I love to have a special keepsake to save after the party. Creating a simple page for the guests to sign and comment on (as they’re coming in) has worked great!


You can leave it in a frame or add it to baby's FIRST album. No matter what you decide, it will be a great keepsake to remember baby's first birthday!

Tip: Another great keepsake I’ve done for my parties, is have everyone bring their favorite baby or children’s book INSTEAD of a card and write a special message on the inside.

5. Keep It Simple = Keep Everyone Happy

I know it sounds crazy, but little ones can get stressed easily. A day where EVERYONE wants to hold, play and be around you...Who wouldn't be overwhelmed?

To ensure everyone stays happy, try keeping the guest list to a minimum and have the party in a comfortable environment.

Tip: Keep your party time short. An hour and a half is the PERFECT length of time for  a  first birthday.

This a BIG DAY for baby, so invite close friends and family. Believe me, in the long run you'll be glad you kept the party simple!

Tip: Be sure to schedule the party BEFORE or AFTER nap time. You don't want a cranky baby at their party.

Remember, this day is memorable and you want to make it special. So don't forget to relax and enjoy the day too!

Bonus - Party Checklist


To help you out, here's a simple checklist I've created to make planning ANY birthday party easy.

I hope these tips and simple checklist help make planning baby's first birthday a little easier. So you’ve got the prep work done, now go enjoy  yourself!

Author Bio

Hi, I’m Courtney Sanchez! I am a mommy to 3 great boys and wife to a LOVING husband. Crafts by Courtney is where I make easy-to follow craft tutorials and post all the do-it-yourself parties I’ve made!